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Love Bible College


Love Bible College is a training college of Love Chapel International and is hosted by the Accra Branch. The lectureship of the college comprises of both foreign and local lecturers and students alike. It was established in September 2006 with Twelve (12) lecturers, A Principal, Dean of Faculty and Forty Eight (48) students. The college has since witness growth and challenges in terms of resources like funding, insufficient teaching materials and others. The current Dean of the school is Rev. Dr. Jerry Abossey who has a wealth of experience in Bible College programs.

At times due to a lack of funds, brilliant but financially handicap students find it difficult to get scholarships from the college and will need your support being it financial, material and others.


Love Education Fund for the Brilliant but Needy Children

The church has a goal of bringing the unsaved to Christ and getting people saved through The Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Among those saved are converted souls from other religions such as Islam, Buddhism and others. Some of these converts are taken care of throughout their stay in schools because they have denied their parents faith or religion for Christianity. Some parents refuse to take care of wards let alone pay school fees. In other cases, the church experience converts who are orphans who have either lost father and/or mother. Most times the one lost hapened to be the bread winner of the family.

Currently love educational fund has sponsored more than 70 children since its beginning; the funds can only sponsor about five students per year.Ou goal is to at least sponsor a minimum of 20 students per year if not all. 

As a result of this vast deficit we hereby appeal for funding and/or any type of support whether it be clothing, food, financial to help the needy but brilliant students currently in Ghana West Africa.